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Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section

Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section


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Introducing Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section, a mesmerizing carnival costume designed to illuminate the festivities with celestial elegance. Embrace the enchanting allure of icy landscapes and shimmering silver hues with this captivating ensemble.

Step into the carnival spotlight with Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section, available in two exquisite options tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for the full costume or the partial ensemble, you’ll shine like a beacon of light, captivating all who behold your radiant presence.

The full costume of Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section is a triumph of design, meticulously crafted to adorn your midsection with celestial splendor. From intricately embellished headpieces to elegantly draped garments that accentuate your curves, each element is thoughtfully curated to ensure you sparkle with the brilliance of a star amidst the carnival revelry.

For those seeking a more tailored approach, the partial costume offers a selection of key pieces that still capture the essence of Silver Star’s allure. From dazzling accessories to intricately designed garments, each component is chosen to enhance your natural beauty and mesmerize onlookers with your celestial charm.

Whether you’re dancing through the streets or gracing the stage with your elegance, Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section guarantees you’ll stand out as a true carnival luminary. Embrace the magic of the festivities and shine bright with Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section.


  • Full Costume: $500 / $450
  • Partial Costume: $300

Join the carnival procession and illuminate the night with the beauty of Silver Star – Glacier – Back Section.

Additional information

Full or Partial Costume

Full Costume – 500, Partial Costume – 450, Partial Costume – 300


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